What is this world coming to? Has this happened to you?

The other day I was in Walmart (yes, I know, not the CLASSIEST of places), when I got asked by an African American lady (I, too, am black) how I got my hair to curl like it does.I was so baffled that she didn't know what natural black people hair looked like (her hair was relaxed). [Yes there are some black people whose hair does grow naturally straight but...]My reply was.... "Umm.... I just add water...?"How do fellow black women not know that this is what their hair looks like if they stopped putting chemicals on it and just let it do its natural thing?!?!That is amazing and scary at the same time.Has this happened to anyone else before?

3 Answers

no but everyone asks me what products do I use to make my hair curl. I tel them my hair is just curly.....my school is mostly white (as am I,but out of a school of 300 there are only about 5 people with curly hair.) but anyways most of my school just has straight hair so no ones really "gets" curly hair
I've never experienced that because I'm mixed race but at my school lots of other students and even teachers ask how I got my hair like this and when I tell them it's normal they usually get quite baffled. Other black or mixed girls don't really like my hair because they've spent their whole life relaxing theirs so I guess when they see mine natural they probably get annoyed that my natural hair is getting more attention than their chemically treated hair lol. 
I didn't meet another black person who wasn't in my family until I got to high school. At the point I didnt even know it was possible for me to have these type of curls, I thought I was just weird. Some people grow up environments where they're exposed to the natural hair lifestyle, so that might be the case for that woman.