WHat is wrong with my hair it literally has no pattern it is just coily and reverses its direction

I did a big chop and took about a month an got use to my short hair but got a sew in for graduation left it in for about 2 and a half months and when i took it out it was in that length that there isn't much to do with it except puffs but on top of that my curls were going every where one strand has a s pattern and then it reverses somewhere in the strand and it turns around like the s pattern was growing to the left then changed an grew to the right making it into a u or w while having some curl through out i believe thats what you call undefined curl patterns how do i get it to at least have curls that don't have to be held to see the pattern also not sure if i have 4c or 4a some of my hair is a s some is not able to tell so I'm not sure

1 Answer

There is nothing wrong with your hair if it does not have a defined curl pattern. As long as you keep it clean and moisturized it should thrive.