Please, delete my account. I will create another one.

I love this website a lot, I'm not leaving lol. It's just I want to create another account with my other e-mail, I just want a new one and I don't want two accounts. I will be more active in the other one too. So please, help me with this. xoxo~

2 Answers

I'm not sure how or if you can delete your account ( you might have to email naturally curly), but if it's about changing your email, you can do that. Go to the very top left hand corner of the website. There, click your name and click edit profile. There, you should be able to update your email.
After you log in, click on your user name at the top left of the screen. Then, click Edit My Account. The first field is Email, which is editable. All you need to do is type in the new email address, then scroll down and click Update Profile. Easy peasy! :)