2 different curl patterns

the front left side not a hugh section but it's noticeable... I have a 3b&c mix but this one section is frizzy and the curls aren't really curls. I've cut it out hoping it would grow back like the rest still comes back the same. I have the satin bonnet ,pillow case nothing works for this part of my hair

3 Answers

this may just be how ur hair is .... you said you cut it and it came back that way, correct? It is possible to have more than one hair type and that may be a really loose one or possible damage that is irreversible.  
I have three hair types myself. Probably not much you can do about it is accept and embrace and try to work with it. The back of my hair, when wet, hangs softly to my shoulders while the top and sides have a much tighter curl with a lot more shrinkage. Looks so weird so I have to try to make the curls tighter in the back and cut it so that it doesn't looks so much longer than the rest of my hair b cause of the looser curl pattern. 
It's likely that you just have multiple hair types and curl patterns and that's perfectly ok. You may just have to alter your regimen for that section if you're looking for more "uniform" looking curls. for example, I have an area that is coarser and less defined than the rest of my head-- so I two-strand twist it sometimes to match with my wash-n-go on the rest of my head.