My 3A hair won't CURL!

I used to have gorgeous, long 3A hair, but lately it hasn't been curling, or even holding what little curl it has. I also have a lot less volume than I used to. I haven't been using a lot of heat, and just recently cut off a lot of my hair, up to my neck, so I'm pretty sure its not heat damage. I did, however, dye it very dark brown. Is there any way I can get my curl back?? I included a picture of what it looks like now.

2 Answers

Awwww, that is so very sad when that happens. Okay seeing that you have already cut off the hair that was carrying the heat damage, it sounds to me like you may need to "train" your curls. (Although difficult to "diagnose" without touching.) You can do this by cleansing your hair with a clarifying shampoo like CURLS Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo, this will remove any heavy build up that may stifle your curls. Use a light conditioner and rinse thoroughly. To style, select a curl defining gel as your main styler. Do not use creams as these will be too heavy. After you apply the gel from root to tip, take the time to scrunch your curls from the ends and toward the roots. Do this all over and for volume and curl definition, finish by drying with a diffuser attachment. After your first clarifying shampoo treatment, you will only need to use this shampoo again roughly 3 months later or based on your level of build up. Follow this pattern on the days you style your hair curly and steer clear of heat styling tools ( other than the diffuser.) Best wishes!
I have 3a/b curls and found my hair was doing this a lot. My curls were limp and stringy. I suspected it was dimethicone building up. I did a sulphate wash, deep condition and conditioner with products that didn't have dimethicone in them (or in my leave in and curl cream) and have had pretty consistent curls now. Springy and defined. You could have that or it could be that you coloured your hair. When I colour my hair I usually lose my curls for about a week after. Then they start to come back. Try what JanelleSands suggests. It's great advice.