My 3a/3b hair is always dry/frizzy?

My hair is alright when it's wet and for a few hours after I put in products, but other times...its dry, frizzy, and loses it's curly pattern. When it dries and frizzes, the crown of my hair becomes extremely tangled. The person in the picture has hair similar to mines.I use natural products (no sulfates, etc) and oils because my hair can't handle heavy products like shea butter. Also, my hair has no problem growing. It grows about 1 in - 1 1/2 in per month. (I don't know if this is useful information)Why is my hair always dry/frizzy? What should I do about it? Thank You!

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I went to a lady that only does curly hair and she tells me to condition condition condition! Condition in the shower and spray on leave in conditioner out of the shower
Do you follow the Curly Girl method? All the tips of what to do and what not to do will really help! SunKissAlba on YouTube has similar hair and great tips. I could write paragraphs but my short answer would be make sure you use a hold product like a gel (light or medium hold). Curl Keeper Original might be good for you or even Tresemme has some that are silicone free. Smooth hands with cream or oil when scrunching out the crunch and avoid glycerin in the humid temps. Those should help get you started. 
If your hair is high porosity it can attribute to why it frizzes so much. You should try a serum, John Freda has great frizz ease serums, and Fantasia IC at the beauty supply store has an awesome frizz serum that make's hair soft. If your hair dries out quickly you need to 1. Check for split ends, 2. Make sure you are deep conditioning often and conditioning constantly. Try sealing your hair with a really lite oil, like grapeseed oil which you can get from walmart in the olive oil section. Try not to manipulate your hair while its wet too much and let it air dry because that will also reduce frizz. These are the recent things I have been doing and using to help me and it sounds like my hair acts the same way yours does. And remember, all natural doesnt always mean it's what your hair wants or needs.I hope this helps! xo
well there are a lot of contributing factors. What are you shampooing with, how often are you shampooing. what kind of products are you styling with. what's the climate like where you live. when was the last time you had a haircut. what kind of hobbies do you have? All of these things affect the way your hair looks. 
Thank you guys for your answers. I've never realized this posted so I've made a new question. I'm still getting used to this :)