My 3b front hair is damaged from tying my hair back tight with Gel! How can i get my curls back?

Everyday I would tie it back with Gel which I know is AWFUL . So my front curly hair is really poofy and dry and i cant let my hair out because of it. Also my edges were wearing out because of the gel.

2 Answers

Deeep conditionnnnn likeee there's no tomorraah. And you will have to let your hair out so that your hair can form back into its curl pattern. Try sheamoistures curling gel soufflé, that gel is amazing !
yes , please deep condition .That is what your hair is crying out for right now .I would use Shea moisture's sell treatment masque to help repair your hair and edges. It works nicely . After deep conditioning , let your hair breathe for a while , don't manipulate it into many updo's  for atleast a week or 2.