3b hair that is harder to brush through in the shower as it gets longer? what can help?

it seems as though now that my hair has read my mid back, when it is time to condition in the shower it is ridiculously tangled, hard to brush through, and I lose A lot of hair. Didn't seem this way when it was shorter. 

1 Answer

Hey, I have a similar curl pattern and my hair is currently tailbone length stretched, so I can relate!What helped for me was to wear my hair in protective styles that reduce tangles during the week. I braid it when it's freshly washed and detangled (unless I want to wear it out), wear that braid for a couple days, then turn it into a braided bun. When I undo it on wash day there are still very few tangles.Also, I gave up brushing because a brush, for me, just creates knots when I try to pull it through my hair. All the strands are overlapping and twirled around others, and a brush takes all of that and knots it. Instead, I slather my hair with conditioner and then gently detangle with my fingers. If I come to a real knot, I stop and carefully separate the strands from the tangle one by one until it comes undone. Only downside is it takes patience, and of course if you hair grows beyond the reach of your hands you will need some other method to detangle.Hopefully something here works for you! Good luck caring for your long, curly hair!