3c hair dry hours after Cantu product. What else can i use

My daughter has 3c hair. I use Cantu products and for the 1st couple of hrs it's great.  After a few hours it draws up and looks really dry.  Whatelse can I use?  I've tried several products and they all give the same results.

3 Answers

Shrinkage is natural and fine. Creating stretched styles will lessen the amount of shrinkage. Her hair probably isn't dry; it's probably just completely dried from being wet and absorbed the product. Check out the article You are Feeling Texture, Not Dryness.
well , if you've tried everything and nothing worked , switch over to natural hair products , try using Shea moisturizers or Eden products . So many to choose from , dont give up ! 
you should definitely try using shea moisture products a try!  They're super good with most types of hair :) organic coconut oil would help too, it works wonders!