Why is my 3C hair flat and not afro like?

I have 3C curly hair and I have noticed that my hair isn't afro like like other 3C curly girls. Also during 2nd day and 3rd day hair my hair is pretty flat. Is there any tips or explanations you could please give me?

2 Answers

It seems you have fine hair. Fine hair typically has less volume due to the hair being so "narrow". A lot of fine curlies utilize picking their hair, diffusing etc, and things like that to make their hair "bigger". You should try putting your hands at your roots and "shaking" your hair, or getting a pick. You could also dry/diffuse your hair upside down. Things are a bit harder to explain, so try taking to YouTube and searching for "getting volume for fine hair".Good luck!
Everyone has different textures. Your hair is not naturally afro texture. Diffuse your roots while leading over so they are more voluminous. You have to watch someone do it on youtube lo