Are there any 3c types that made it to waist length or have a hair journey about it on youtube?

I have 3c type hair and am looking for others that have the same type that actually have youtube videos that I can follow for inspiration or anyone who has actually made it to waist length. It's really hard to find someone who has long 3c curls. A picture of my hair is below

4 Answers

Yes!!! :) its titled: 4 years natural hair journey: hip length from big chop. Her YouTube name is dsxL9744JvGyU7CIUc6QSQEnjoy she's amazing
Check out Mahogany Curls. 
The thing which makes 3c curls different from other curls is shrinkage. Your curls could be shoulder length but when stretched out or straighten reach the middle of your back or longer. You will rarely find 3c curls in its natural state waist length. Mahogany Curls is the closest person on YouTube that have very long 3c hair. 
Try watching:SunKissedAlba or GlamTwinz334