Battling chronic everyday frizz for 3c hair

Hey all! I’m new to this community so I apologize if you have gotten this question a lot!I did the big chop back in August of last year, and since June I have started to let my hair grow in naturally and embrace my texture instead of hide from it. It’s been a long and difficult road (I am a self proclaimed product junkie). Anyway, I can’t seem to ever master the everyday frizz and lack of definition. The routine I have been doing with good results lately is as follows:Sleeping with a satin bonnet.Spritzing my hair with water/conditioner when I can.Co washing up to 3 times a week (if I have to)Using the LOC method: Sheamoisture Leave in, followed by Argan or coconut oil, then I use Sheamoisture curl cream to do finger twists.I deep condition twice a week with a plastic baggie and with a blow dryerIf I shampoo, I follow with a hair mask.When I sleep, I wake up with matted, dry hair that is stuck to my head!! I NEVER have day 2 hair, for I always have to rinse my hair with cool/cold water to wake it back up.And everyday my hair frizzes the heck out. I don’t know what else to do!!

1 Answer

I had the same problem, i noticed that when i used curling "lotions" or "creams" my hair would easily frizz up but once I started using  curling jellys not gels jellys my hair would stay defined and voluminous. I think you should try it. I am currently using Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls and I love it. you should try it !!