Why has my beautiful curls fallen flat?

About year ago my beautiful curls fell flat. So much so it is ruining my confidence... I am a traveler and a easy going girl that used to rarely pulled out the straightner, now I have to everyday.. I have cut my hair, stop dying my hair, went 3 months with nothing done to my hair, try some products. But Nothing works... the side opposite to my bangs is basically straight well my bangs side still has most curls. What do I do?

1 Answer

Could be hormonal changes that can cause our hair type to change throughout our lives. But, could also be products! I swear by the Curly Girl method. Stop using products with sulfates, sufonates, silicones, mineral oil and petroleum. This will get your hair even more healthy on top of the good things you've already done for it with the cut and laying off the heat! If it doesn't spring back after doing the CG method it could just be a natural change. Best!