What is the best hair treatment for really dry 3c/4a hair with patches that refuse to curl?

I have a head full of mostly 3c hair but with lots of 4a along my hairline and borderline 3b at the crown. I have a patch of hair at my hairline (about 1" x 1" section) that is always super frizzy, dries out faster than the rest of my hair, and after awhile, just wont hold its curl pattern no matter how much I add moisture or reapply product. It basically stays a wavy few strands of frizz. I have recently moved from the east coast to the west coast, and noticed my hair is a little drier in this dry, west coast winter weather in general, so that could be part of the problem. But I am also seeking general advice. I wash once every 7-10 days followed by a deep conditioner in the shower (usually left in 7-10mins under a cap before rinsing), and I apply a moisturizing spray all over on a daily basis. I have recently began doing caramel treatments again, and have switched from using gel to more moisturizing styling products, but this patch of hair is still unruly and the dryness persists. Are there any treatments, products or routine changes you could suggest to battle dryness and heal my frizzy patch?

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