Best products for defining curls and keeping hair soft? (3b type)

2 Answers

I would use a weak hold gel like LA Looks Mega Mega Gel (it's less than $3!!) or any of their lower hold gels, I use it and I have wavy-curly hair and it rarely leaves my hair crunchy. If you ever do get crunch from a gel or any hold product, just scrunch out the crunch or gently twist crunchy strands back and forth between your fingers. Be sure to use a CG friendly leave-in conditioner/creme product (I just use my regular conditioner as my leave-in conditioner, I use GVP Conditioning Balm) before you put on gel though so your hair can remain moisturized.If a gel isn't for you, then try out CG friendly mousses or styling cremes or any other products that have hold.I would also advise to read up on the LOC/LOCG method here on the site & the CurlTalk boards or Google and look up some videos about it on Youtube. Hope you find something that works :-)
shea moisture curl smoothie! never crunchy, and my curls are still defined after 3 or 4 days!