Best way to dry naturally curly hair?

Drying with a blow dryer/diffuser isn't an option for me, it makes my hair incredibly frizzy. I always wash my hair at night so it can air dry as it usually takes at least 8 hours to dry. I normally sleep with my wet hair in a tight bun after applying mousse and scrunching. This gives me defined curls which last 3-4 days. However, I've read that this can be damaging to hair and am not sure how to dry my hair best.If I sleep without my hair in the bun my curls are loose, limp and nowhere near as apparent as with the bun.What I'm wondering is: could sleeping in a bun be potentially damaging to my hair and are there any better ways to let my hair dry overnight that will give me defined curls.Many thanks!

5 Answers

I think if the bun is loose, and up on the top of your head, you should  be ok. A lot of curlies have good luck diffusing their hair until it's about 75% dry and then letting it air dry the rest of the way.
on a wash and go day, I would either wash the night before, plop hair in a cotton tshirt, or my favorite a microfobre towel, like a devatowel, with product already in hair... then after about 30 mins, i put my hair in a high ponytail aka pineapple method and sleep on a satin pillowcase, the next morning i can take my hair out, and have great lift at the root without my cirls being crushed or messed up.. if drying during the daytime, i plop fpr 30 mons, then let air dry as long as i can... then if i want to dry completely, i use a diffuser on low power , low jeat to stretch my curls out ifneeded...
If I've taken a night shower I typically apply product and put it into a tight bun, and since it's still damp when I wake up I let it air dry throughout the day.If I take a morning shower I apply product and plunk/plop it until I'm about to walk out the door, at that point if it's cold I put it in a beanie for warmth or just let it air dry for the rest of the day. blow drying causes me way too much frizz.
Plopping overnight is the best option for me and then letting it air dry in the morning.
Have you tried the PixieGirl diffusing method? You keep the hair dryer off put your curls inside the diffuser head (the bigger the better) then turn it on (keep it medium-low or cold), leave for around 30 seconds and then turn the hair dryer off before releasing the hair. I usually scrunch the hair up after releasing for extra shrinkage.This greatly reduces frizz and as mentioned before stop at around 75% dry and let it air dry the rest. I go all the way to super dry for extra volume and puffiness. I don't really mind frizz I do mind flat however.