Big Curly Hair

Okaii so my hair type is 3b and i would like to ask you guys how to get big voluminous curly hair... i currently use Mixed Chicks shampoo (for adults) and sometimes i use TRESemme Naturals. i recently did my hair a little bit big by using an afro comb and Mixed chicks Leave in conditioner but i cant achive it anymore...i dont know maybe my hair grew longer... ?? the pic was taken 2-3 weeks ago ?  

3 Answers

I'm all about big hair. In my mind, big is the new long. What I typically do is put in the styling product, diffuse it until it's dry and then diffuse it upside down for a few minutes. Then I take a little oil and pomade, and rub my scalp with it when my hair is upside down to get some lift at the roots. I'll take a little hairspray and spray it when my hair is upside down. During the day, if my hair is looking flat, I'll repeat the process.
Believe me your hair is not big