Can someone explain to me what are oils and how to use them?

I read what goes on at "curltalk" quite often and something that keeps coming up are "oils"(peppermint oil, coconut oil, etc.), as well as "AVC" rinses. They seem to be very beneficial to a lot of curlies here but I'm very confused about how to use them, which ones to use, where to buy them, and which ones would work best for my hair.

1 Answer

Oils like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and OliveOil are oils that women with natural hair use to seal in the moisture whenmoisturizing our hair. It's used not only for sealing moisture, but togive hair shine as well. As a natural, it's very important to use Oil on yourhair because it keeps your scalp healthy. What I would recommend is try theseoils out and find out which one works for you. I use Coconut Oil and Olive Oilfor my hair. And you can find these oils at a beauty supply and at yourlocal store. Also I use these oils when I wash my hair. I put Leave-inconditioner, oil second, and cream last. I use this method called the LOCMethod. It stands for liquid, oil, and cream. Here's one way to use oil.Another way I use it is, when I'm not washing my hair I add moisturizer andadd Olive oil or Coconut Oil in the morning and at night before I goto bed. Also, I use these oils for Deep Conditioning as well and itkeeps my hair moisturized for hours. Hope this will help.