can you over condition your hair?

Hi All! I have 3b hair and it feels really soft but always looks dull and dry. It also feels very coarse right at my crown. I have been transitioning since April and got a hair cut a little over a month ago. anyways, i only wash my hair once a week. i use the organix argan oil shampoo or no-poo with suave coconut conditioner (only on scalp), then matrix biolage conditioner. After that i apply kinky curly knot today leave in and let air dry. i also do either a deep condish or oil treatment every time I was. Is that to much? I dont want to damage my hair further. Last week I did the 1 tablespoon honey/1 tablespoon olive oil and let it sit for about 1 hour. then i did my normal routine and after i put in my leave in conditioner i put some almond oil all through my hair and braided it. It felt and looked so soft and shiny! I am always stuck @ home so i don't make an effort to do my hair but i want to change that because i'm so tired of my dull hair that i can only braid or throw up in a pony tail. if you have any suggestions on how to deal with my crazy frizzy puerto rican hair I will appreciate it! thanks!(sorry this was so long)

1 Answer

Yes, you can over-condition. Your hair might be sensitive to proteins, and if you're using a conditioner with a lot of proteins, you might be doing more harm than good.