Classify my hair type?

I've been natural and didn't even know it. I've wore my hair in an Afro like puffy ponytail, when I was younger and hardly washed my hair because it was too much to deal & I thought dirty hair grew faster. My hair was always big and thick and I never was able to use a relaxer because it didn't work for my thick hair (I've had a relaxer twice in my whole life, under age 11). During that time I'll wear braids in my hair, if my hair was too much to deal. About age 13 is when I went to salon and saw that my hair could get straight and shiny and I was shocked because my hair never acted that way, it always was puffy. ( I believe my hair changed from puberty) after that I started wearing my hair straight without re-straitening it for like 3 months & without washing it. ( which I know now is bad). My hair grew very fast and looked very healthy. Now at age 16, I want to try to wear it naturally curly and I've hardly washed my hair back then so I think my hair isn't used to water but I've done all my research and I'm staying away from heat. I've been heat free for 1month now and have been wearing twist outs and I didn't have heat damage (surprisingly). Now, I just need to know what hair type I have and other people who have similar hair type/ or types as me to give me inspiration. Pictures below ( my hair straight, my hair wash and a twist out) 

2 Answers

You look like you have 3c curls and some 3b. Btw your hair is beautiful!
Oh HEEEEEYYYY girlfriend! Your hair is boss! You're definitely a 3c. Funny story about the not washing your hair phase. :)