how come my hair is falling, breaking, tangling and sticking, it also lost curl pattern after CGM

hello my name is Stacey and I live in Holland where they have no clue of curly hair. Instead of going to à hairdresser I would rather ask it here.So heres my problem, my hair hasn't been this bad my whole life. A few months ago I bought everything from Devacurl and I followed the curly girl method completely. The first day my hair felt so good but the second day my hair was feeling really dry and scrunchy. I thought it was because of the gel so I stopped using it.My hair got worse with the day, it is all falling out, big bunches a day and alot of breakage.My hair feels very dry, my curl pattern is gone, my hair just sticks together and tangles LIKE there is no tomorrow, my hair just feels like I have been swimming in the swimmingpool with chloor all the time.When I touch my hair iT scrunches without having product in it, I dont know what is going on, I searched whole youtube and I came across 'moisture overload' and protein overload or lack of protein. I also tried the strand test but its not really reliable. I have alot of different symptoms so iTS hard to pick what the cause is.Moisture overload is possible because of everyday use of the devacurl conditioner but can you have moisture overload while your hair feels as dry as possible? I am familliar with ingredients and before Devacurl I used Sheamoisture.... When I saw how my hair went backwards after a few months I tried sillicones cause im really desperate to find what is going on with my hair. And I gave the products time so iTS not that.I can really cry, my hairtype is 3b/3c by the way... Please help I dont want to do à big chop.Oh yeah and I also tried clarifying incase of build up but no change....Please help me!

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From what you described above, any of the things you listed above could be the problem so fixing it will likely be trial and error, take time, and take patience.First you should not condition your hair every day especially if you are using moisture rich conditioner and leave-in products. That could easily be the root of your problems. Cut back on the conditioning and try to limit it to once a week. You can do it more often if you absolutely need to, but try not to exceed 2-3 times a week. If you need to, just wet your hair instead using water and if you need cleansing try a co-wash. If you are going through moisture overload then a protein treatment should help. However; only do a protein treatment when all of the other possible causes have been ruled out because if you are dealing with protein sensitivity or protein overload, then a protein treatment will only make it worse. Another thing you can do is look at ALL of your product ingredients and check for proteins. You could be protein sensitive and/or using to much of it on your hair through your everyday products. I just went through virtually the same thing you are going through now and it turned out that most of my products contained proteins and it was too much for my hair. Next, try process of elimination with your products. Since it sounds like you only recently began using DevaCurl, it could be one or all of the products you are using that is causing your issue. Try to avoid changing all of them all at once so that you can figure out what is causing your problems. Since you have already tried clarifying it likely is not build-up. You can try deep conditioning to see if that will bring back your curls and give your hair some needed moisture. If your hair is just severely dry that should help a lot. I wish I could suggest more but that's all I think for now. I really hope this helps and that you figure out the cause of your hair troubles. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
when your hair breaks is it a snap or pop or does it stretch and pull apart. Moisture overload is very hard to achieve since moisture moves freely in and out of our hair strands. If your hair snaps it is dry and needs moisture ide stop using the products that caused this (everyone's hair is different what works for some is horrible for others).whenever I use a products that does this I put olive oil in my regular conditioner and put on a plastic cap I don't have a hooded dryer so I use my regular blow dryer for about 5-10  mins or however long your arms can take it. Leave it on for 30 mins or so sometimes I wait an hour. But if your hair is snapping and feels dry its dry.
ps its WAAAY easier to reverse moisture overload then to reverse protein overload as protein actually bonds to the hair, moisture moves freely in and out of hair so when unsure air on the side of caution and try conditioning firstFollow me on [email protected]