Why does my dry hair look different from my wet hair?

when I wet my hair it looks so smooth, dark and the girls are big and beautiful but once it dries the curls clump up and look really kinky and dry and the curls just look kind of frizzy. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if my hair isn't moisturized or something but I've been natural for 5 months and I just don't know what to do with it anymore. when the curls are wet they are very springy they bounce back so fast they do the same when they are dry but I don't know why my hair is this way. and I think I may be dealing with medium porosity and low porosity in the crown of my head where it's so much thicker! The picture that is attached TOP LEFT AND THE PIC ON THE RIGHT IS MY HAIR WHEN WET ! THE BOTTOM LEFT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT DRIES! I ALSO Don't know my hair type really I need to know that too. And my hair seems to soak up conditiners and water just fine in the back but in the front the conditioner sits on top and doesn't seem to soak in. I don't know the porosity please help I'm really getting frustrated. I use shea moisture manuka honey conditioner as a leave in & coconut oil to seal it. Then Sometimes I'll use Curls creme brule whipped curl cream. At night I wear a satin bonnet... In the morning I have to spray my hair until it's soaked and then grip my roots and pull (stretch) the hair out so that the water can get through. The hair feels dry like I don't know. I really feel like giving up on being natural

3 Answers

Hi! Water makes your hair heavy. It soaks into the strands and swells them up. When water dries, it evaporates out and off your hair and your strands go back to their normal shape and size. Some naturals can't get on board with how their hair looks when it's dry. So whilst it's soaking wet they apply (or rake through) a leave in and some gel to 'freeze' the wet hair look into place. The wash n go.The reality is that Afro hair is often tight and coily. A lot of the natural hair transition is psychological. You need to learn to accept what your hair NATURALLY does. If you can't do that, you won't enjoy your hair as much.If you're having problems with moisture retention, I'd suggest Le Kair's Cholesterol treatment and doing a 'steam' treatment:Wet your hair, apply some petroleum jelly (YES- DAX, Blue Magic etc...) braid it and put a shower cap over your head for a couple of hours. Then take the cap off and let your hair dry as normal in the braids. That's a quick fix to moisture problems I've found.Long term, the cholesterol treatment worked for me. Just use it as a conditioner. It's not 'Curly Girl' approved, but heck that old school stuff got my hair right!Hair type- I'd guess 3c/4a.
Your hair looks nice and healthy. You may be feeling texture and not necessarily dryness. Try sealing your moisturizer with a light oil. Read You are Feeling Texture Not Dryness