Hey everyone!I am guilty of hiding my curls and am forever blowdrying and straightening my hair! (I'm 19) I need some help embracing my natural curls! If i do ever leave my hair curly, i always end up tying it up. My hair is 3A (i think!) I always find my hair to be too fizzy and i don't think it suits my face shape :( Also, my hair has tighter ringlets on top and looser, more scraggly ones underneath, do you think this is because of my natural cuticle or because i've neglected my curls for so long?If anyone can give me any advice on how to flaunt my curls or why they're different, please help!! 

3 Answers

own those curls, they make you unique! Imagine everyone with straight hair wouldn't that be boring! Start to deep condition in order to get the 
*scraglly bits more lively and watch loads of curly hair routines such a shameless maya and more good luck
Your hair is lovely! Blonde curls are so pretty. It's normal to have tighter curls at the top of your head and looser ones at the bottom. Try scrunching a curl enhancing product into your ends to get more definition and so your ends can match your roots. Some of my favorite curl enhancers are Aveda Be Curly and U R Curly enhancers. You can do this and let it air dry, or try using a diffuser to get some extra curl definition. You have such pretty natural hair, so it won't require much work! :) Good luck!