Curl Defining Yet Moisturizing Leave-In

I'm looking for a good moisturizing/curl defining leave-in for my mostly 3c hair. I have tried Shea Moisture products but my hair hates them all! No matter which one I use they always leave my hair extremely dry, frizzy, and without a curl in site. I had been using Kinky Curly Knot Today for about 6 months but as my hair gets longer it seems not like it anymore. It's beginning to leave my hair with a residue on it and kind of poofy which is not normal for my hair. Any suggestions?

3 Answers

it's not necessarily a leave in conditioner but I use Pantene for curly hair and I leave it in. 
the only thing that has worked wonders for me is the LOC Method. Using water, coconut oil & knot today leave-in... definitely try that out Because it may not be the products that aren't working, it may be the "order" in which you use them.
Hi. My suggestion would be to try something thicker like Oyin Handmade Hair Dew, Camille Rose Curl Love Milk or using a Rinse Out as a leave in (Aussie, HEHH). Other products such as Cantu Shea Butter or the As I Am leave in should be good. Definitly seal in the moisture with an oil, which keeps my hair from poofing up. Anything with aloe vera will enhance you curls. You could seal with AloeVera Gel to define and smooth frizz. (It might be too light to use alone as a styler.)Also, take your environment into account. Humidity can make anyone's hair poof up