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Hairtype: 3c/4a Hair.I had my big chop last year and my hair has changed a lot (duh xD). First time I washed my hair around my time of cutting it, it was fairly thick ; I had some definition-- it was fine. But then as time went on building up to now, its like my hair has gotten "thinner" when wet but I came to find that the thinness of my hair wasn't me losing hair at all (I almost had a panick attack like I'm only 15! XD not trying to go bald by my senior year lol) it was because my hair is clumping way way better (some clumps all the way to the root) since its gaining more length So thats good ! BUt my question is how do I encourage more of my hair to be defined all the way to the root naturally? I have coarse hair because of high density and high porosity ( my hair strands themselves are not that thick) especially around the perimeter of hair so its rough but on the inside of my hair its SUPER SUPER soft like I need help? Any conditioners? Something?

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