Curl pattern changes on day 2. I prefer those curls but they are too frizzy!

I grew up thinking I had 2b-2c hair, but since not straightening it for over a year, co-washing for 6 months and now using DevaCurl No-Poo as well as cutting out other products with sulfates etc., my hair is a lot curlier than I thought. On a good day it's 3a-3b, but the problem is that that's always on day 2 or 3. After washing and diffusing, it still comes out quite loose (2c with a few sprinkles of 3a) and then by the time the curls are more defined by day 2 or 3 they're looking frizzy. I already sleep with a satin bonnet and satin pillowcase. What else can I do to make them more defined on day 1 while the frizz is at bay?

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