Curl Pattern GONE

Okay, seriously need advice!! I've tried literally EVERYTHING... well almost everything. So I use to have like 3a 3b curls. More on the 3b side. I went through that phase of coloring and straightening, just over processing my hair! (sorry if this is long) My hair sucks in soooo much moisture. No matter what I use it still remains frizzy and super dry at the ends. The only thing that does well with my hair is Coconut oil. I put a little on my ends and it does really well! after a few hours though it becomes greasy and stringy looking, and if I leave it on for  few hours and wash it out it goes back to being very dry! Well I figured it was super dry at the ends because I was in need of a cut. NO wrong.... I got my hair cut even got lots of layers added to give more volume. Some of my hair curls like normal, really nice curls but MOST pieces are still like a wave not even a wave:( I've tried different conditioners. I'm currently using Devacurl, I sort of like it but not too much impressed. I dont like to use gels, it makes my hair feel sticky and I feel like it frizzes a bit more. I do use non alcohol hair spray and that helps a little. I've tried squish condish method. I've done loads of protein treatments. Still nothing, my hair just is so thirsty, it doesn't get enough moisture. Please what is your advice and what are your tips?? I really want my pretty curls back :(Also do you like Shea moisture curl smoothie or Cantu products?? Ive heard so much about both, I dont know which I should try!

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Couple of things to keep in mind: once your hair is damaged from overproccessing, until every bit of the damage gets cut off, you will still be dealing with the loss of curl and resulting dryness and frizz. That doesn't mean you have to chop it all off if you don't want to, but there is no quick fix. Your hair is probably high porosity now--accepts moisture readily, but loses it quickly. I have naturally high porosity hair, so I'll share with you what helps me. I like Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus line. It's available in stores, so if you don't like it you can usually return it.  I deep condition at least once a month. You can do it weekly or twice a month if it helps.  After each wash and  condition, rinse with cool water to close the cuticle. Then I spritz my hair with Aloe Vera gel diluted by half with water (that restores the ph balance and further closes the cuticle), wait about 5-10 minutes, then apply my styler. The SM Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk is my fave as it's not too heavy and my hair stays moist for days. Washing your hair more often can also help, because water equals hydration. Also, be careful about doing too many protein treatments--too much can make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. I kept a journal of the results I got with different products, took note of the ingredients, and over time was able to figure out which ones my hair liked and disliked (mine hates glycerin for example, makes it frizzy and poofy), until I narrowed down what worked consistently for me. With time and patience I'm confident you can find what works best for you. Hope this helps, good luck!
Olaplex is literally the only thing on this planet that can repair the bonds in your hair, schedual yourself in at a reputable salon to have a full treatment done and take home a bottle of no3 to use as a pre-poo treatment, this is the only thing that can help your hair other than blending your hair by manipulating it, and cutting it off, even Olaplex has its limits though, if your hair is past the point of no return, there ain't much you can do unfortunatly...