My curl pattern is messed up

I have 3b hair. It should normally form ringlets, however, it seems like that has changed recently and I don't know why. Now my hair only really forms ringlets on the underneath side and on the very tips, near the ends of each strand, and even then those ringlets are only maybe a 1/2 inch long. the rest of my hair is still curly but the curl pattern is very irregular- almost like the hair twists and goes side to side instead of a nice spiral down.I don't straighten my hair, and I never blow dry it. I've also never colored it. Right now I wash it about every 4 days, using Cantu Sulfate-Free shampoo and then using Tresemme Naturals conditioner. I use Cantu products for styling, using the Curl Activator Cream and the Shine and Define Gel. When I refresh my curls in the morning, I just mist with a little bit of water with conditioner mixed in and then put a little bit more of the cream and gel in. I am trying to grow my hair out right now. Right now it is past my shoulders a bit, however it has been this long before and it still formed ringlets then. Also, the shorter bits around my face are having the same problem as the rest of my hair, so I don't think the length and weight is what is causing the problem.

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