Curl pattern straitened out by heat

Ive grown almost all of my relaxer out, but after working at a place where I had to keep my hair straight(to cover a peircing) the front of my hair which I flat ironed almost daily is now straight compared to the rest of my hair. I there anything I can do to help it or do I just have to continue growing it out?

1 Answer

When I encountered heat damage I used Shea Moisture's raw Shea butter line to help repair my hair. I even did a beer rinse to help revert my curls back to it's natural state. Majority of my hair reverted back but I had ends that were still straight due to the damage and had to eventually cut them. You could give these things a try but from the look of your photos, you may have to stay away from heat for a while and let it grow out. If you have to straighten your hair try roller setting it as an alternative to cut down on heat usage. If you still need to touch it up with the flat iron do so on a low temperature setting. I hope that this helps. :)