Curls and interviews - What kind of haircut will mature me?

I'm a recent college grad worried about how young I look when I go for job interviews.  I've been told I have a "baby face" and I'm sure it's amplified with my curls.  I have budgeted for a haircut and I want it ASAP for my job search.  I don't have access to a stylist who specializes in curls, so I am researching what to ask for when I visit a "normal" hair stylist next week.  I need a quick haircut style that serves as a launching point for my next cut as I continue to grow out my hair.What do I ask for?  What shapes would work?My face is oval shaped, my hair is completely natural with no colors, and I've been cutting my own hair for months to save money while I grow it out (from nearly nothing).  I believe my curl is 2c or 3a and mostly fine.I've attached multiple pictures for visual reference.Thank you for your help!

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