Do your curls get loser as your hair grows longer?

Do your curls get loser as your hair grows?

3 Answers

Depending on how heavy your hair is, it can affect your curls. The longer your hair gets the more it may weigh down your curls, making them less defined. If you want to retain length and definition, try getting long layers in your hair to alleviate some of the weight from your curls.
Speaking from experience, my curls definitely altered with the length. I noticed the changes around waist length and now I'm at thigh (when stretched). In my case: length + medium density + heavy blunt cut = pulled down curls. All things considered I went from a 3a to a 2b/2c. 
My curls definitely lacked definition and bounciness when it was longer. But, one of the reasons for this is because I didn't use the right products or didn't treat it as well as I do with my short hair. I did cut my long hair about a year and a half ago I see more definition but now that I'm a little more educated with my hair I have started growing it out. So I would say it depends on your curls and the way you style it. What I have learned is your always allowed to try new things with your hair!!