My curls are becoming straight after I went to the salon.

So I have 3b style hair and have always loved it. I'd never dyed it before, but a friend of mine convinced me to try it, so I bleached it and went with a bright firey red. My curls were still in tact. But after about 2 months I decided I was done with the red because it was wayy too much maintenance. I decided I would go to a professional to help get back to my natural brown color.She washed, dyed, and straightened it for me.But now whenever I wash my hair, the front and bottom of it straightens out! The top is curly like I love and like how it used to be, but no matter what I do I can't get my curls! And now it looks crazy because part of my hair is curly and the other part is straight. It's so frustrating! Please help!

2 Answers

It sounds like your curls may have been over processed when they were colored. I would conditioner, conditioner, condition! They will bounce back. I always find my curls are a little nuts after I color.
I can relate because I dyed certain parts of my hair and they aren't as curly as the rest of my hair, it's best to just do what you can with it. Stay away from the shop a bit so that the heat damage doesn't ruin your hair and try co-washing and deep conditioning since there is dye in your hair. It's helped me a little bit !