My curls went from a full and defined 3B to a frizzy 2B????

So a little over a year ago I went full blonde. It didn’t do much damage, my hair was still springy, spirally and BEAUTIFUL. I loved it! It was full, thick and just so vibrant. I’d say the only thing I really love about myself appearance-wise was my hair. I used box dye to do the roots and like before, it never seemed to hurt the curls. Well I decided to go to a salon to brighten my hair and get my roots done and just wanted to treat myself. Ever since I went to that salon my curls are completely screwed up and it feels like my hair thinned out. I get this awkward and weird frizzy waviness and it just looks really bad. I decided to try a different salon whom she said my hair was badly damaged and suggested going brown so I took the advice and had her fill in my hair and then dye it a chocolate color. It seems to have gotten somewhat better but it still is so hard to manage…I need a miracle. Every day when I look at myself in the mirror I shutter because it looks so horrible to me. I feel like everything I do isn’t helping, I started the CG method but it didn’t really work but have been thinking of retrying it out with all new products and also I am thinking about taking biotin as well(my hair on the sides thinned out bad but it looks like the hair is growing back in). Any product suggestions, methods, anything?? This is really starting to depress me!TLDR; Went blonde last year, got hair done at salon and now my curls are disappearing. Halp!First pic was me last summer, the second one is me now.(excuse the marked out face, I look like hell today bc I just give up lol).

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