My curly hair has gone straight after getting a hair cut and conditioning treatment!?!?!!

I had hip length fine type 3 curly hair, after seriously damaging my hair with years of straightening and blond foils, a few months ago I started on the naturally curly path, it took a while for my 1" spiral ringlets to come back (and for me to actually start loving them again) but just as they were looking great I thought I'd be doing my hair a favour by getting all the dead ends cut off. I made sure to suss out a hairdresser who had experience with curly hair and she suggested getting rid of all the damage by cutting it all the way up to boob height with a few long loose layers to help the curls and a moisturising treatment that my curls would love.... I left the salon with wet hair not wanting to have any heat damage and when I got home my hair dried straight, soft and supper fluffy - no curls at all, hardly even a wave! I've since washed my hair and done all my usual curly hair routine but my hair won't curl at all... It's just poofy, fluffy, super soft cloud hair that I can't do anything with :'( :(I would love your help!!! Xx(Sorry about the different spelling I'm from Australia)

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