curly hair loses its curl after I sleep, even if I pineapple it! help!

I have naturally curly hair (2b/3a), but for some reason, it loses a lot of its curl after I sleep. I pineapple it, but that doesnt change what happens. The curls on the bottom stay put and wonderfully full, but the curls near the scalp (and in the front) lose most of the curl. The strands still curl on the very bottom, but that's about it. I'm growing my hair out, so I've been doing a lot of castor oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. Ive used these oils before but could that be making the difference? I'm also currently using the lo-poo method (getting my hair used to no sulfates so I can do no poo soon). My hair is growing and very healthy, but for some odd reason the curls leave on the top of my head. This ends up making my hair look like a horrible pyramid, lol. Straight and flat on top, curly and full on the bottom. If my hair was way lobger, it'd look fine- but with my medium hair, it just looks weird. Any suggestions??

2 Answers

Cotton pillowcases can such the moisture out of your hair and dry it out which can cause the curls to droop. You can try a satin pillowcase, which won't suck out so much moisture.  But I can never get decent second-day hair. Ever. Regardless of what pillowcase I sleep on. 
I agree with KinkyWinky, but I also sleep with a satin bonnet over my pineappled hair so that I retain more moisture and that worked well for me.  Also I have that problem of the top becoming straighter than the bottom of my hair after a while.  I am going to go to a curly hair salon to get my hair cut specifically for curly hair and I think this will help. Most people I have talked with say that until they cut or trimmed the top part of their hair it would do that same thing you are talking about. One thing you could do is just dampen that part in the morning and scrunch gel on it to make it curl (or at least that is what I do, and it works fine).