Curly hair routine for newly natural

I got my hair cut yesterday and got most of the relaxed ends of so now my hair is super short and curly as well. I've had my hair in relaxers/heat damage so I can't fully remember how to care for my newly natural hair. I'm 13 so products over £15 aren't quite suitable for me. I don't want much frizz and shrinkage but more curl definition. Thank you so much :) I live in the UK if that helps? 

1 Answer

Well, I'm not sure if they have Shea Moisture or Nature's Gate brands where you are, but those are the products I use and I love them! For my routine, I basically stick pretty much to the Curly Girl routine outlined in the book by Lorraine Massey, except I don't condition and re-style every day as they suggest. If you haven't checked out that book yet I highly recommend it!