My daughter is a 3C. I put a texturizer on her hair to help manage her hair better but now her hair

My daughter's hair is too straight after a texturizer and it's thinning. How can I get her curls back and start growing her hair back?

1 Answer

Ufortunately, texturizer create chemical damage and the only way to "fix" it is to cut it off :\ You can try protein treatments to see if you can a little of that curl back - though it won't give it all back. It may not work though since your daughters hair may have just been processed to that level of straightness. For thinning, you can try castor oil. I've used it and seen results if thickness (or maybe it was growth), but there is an article floating around saying it scientifically doesn't help. Most likely your daughter will just have to transition her hair and cut it whenever it seems like a length that she/you like.