Detangle without losing curls?

My hair is very curly and coily. It sits in an Afro that I love. But it is always matting up and getting EXTREMELY tangled. I want to detangle it and comb it without proofing out my hair losing my curl pattern. The attached picture is my hair after I comb it out with a wide toothed comb. I want my curls to keep their shape and stay coily.

4 Answers

Can you detangle it with a wide-toothed comb when it's wet? With lots of leave-in conditioner?
If you need to detangle on dry hair, only use your fingers and work out individual knots.
I have 3c hair that's similar to yours but quite a bit longer (and trust me, I know all about the struggles of detangling) Here´s how I detangle it:1. I separate the curls with my fingers2. I spray it lightly with water and add some conditioner and/or coconut oil (EVOO and other oils work as well.)3. Using my wide toothed comb starting at the bottom I slowly detangle in 8 sections (I have a ton of hair!). You can finger detangle but to me that takes way to long.4. Since I already have conditioner and oil in my hair, I leave it in for 30 minutes (that way you can detangle and deep condition at the same time).5. Then I wash, condition and style my hair like I normally do.I hope this helps you!
It helps to comb it out while it is 80% wet with a wide tooth comb, then when it is 70% wet add your favorite products, then diffusing when it is 50% wet and scrunch. I only do it with a wash n' go, and it gives me really defined curls