Has anyone had the Deva cut done on short 3a-b hair? NOT happy with cut; too short in the back!

I had done tons of research on getting the "right cut" for my 3A-B short hair; closest Deva salons were over an hour from me; made appointment; went today & she cut like 2 inches off the back of my hair!  NOT happy at all...as it had finally reached my shoulders.  I'm so very bothered as this has happened twice to me that the stylist cuts the back of mine in the wedge/angle effect and with all the curls it looks pretty odd.  And, oddly, after all the products she used from Deva Curl, my hair didn't look very moisturized after using all the hair drying with hooded dryer first then diffuser.  I am frustrated to drive so far, spend the money and lost my length too!  --Any advise anyone, please?  --(first time on here; I'm looking forwards to understanding folks with hair like mine!)  Tks. in advance.

2 Answers

i too got my hair butchered with a deva cut i was grazing bra strap length and i walk out barely armpit length now all i can do grow it back out and try to maintain the shape myself so i won't walk out the salon missing 2-4 inches of hair and my hair is 3c/4a so its super tight and shrinks A LOT more after cut 
The Deva cut does cut the back of the hair a lot.  It is suppose to layer the back so it forms a "V" which is the wedge or angle you speak of.  It also is the stylist job to cut to inhance the natural curl pattern of the hair.  I must say when I got the deva cut I was a little taken back, but as the cut grew back I loved the layers and body it gave me.  It grew back to more of a "style".  My stylist did not take too much length off, and I always face the mirror (some stylist sit you so you cannot see what they are doing).  If you had damage it may be why they took the length.