Does anyone still believe in "curl types"?

okay so when I first started my curly hair recovery journey, I eventually discovered, different curl patterns and curly types etc. I thought it was pretty cool to figure out my "curl type" and what products actual work and don't work for my hair. As I have gotten deeper into my journey, I have learned a lot about my own hair and what works for me. I have also come across MANY "curl type" posts which seem to confuse me... each post is always different. So I am not quite sure what each "curl type" REALLY is and what curl patterns actually belong in what group. Should we even swear by it?

2 Answers

Everyone's hair is different and it's best to do what works for you.
Curl type is more of a convo starter, what matters is porosity, because my hair can go from 3B to flat and wavy in the same week,