Why does my hair seem to get "curlier" towards the end of the week?

So I wash my hair once a week with shampoo, Suave naturals Coconut.  I use very little on the scalp and let it rinse down the shaft of my hair.  I follow up with Suave naturals coconut Conditioner, rinse, then add Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in conditioner.  I style with Eco-Styler (olive oil), drying about 30% of my hair with a diffuser and let the rest air dry.  Since I have no luck with second day hair, I've pineappled and have a sleeping cap, I co-wash daily.  As the week progresses, my hair gets curlier, nicely formed clumps with spirals, some nice waves, decent volume. Unfortunately as the week goes on, my hair feels dry and straw like.  If I air dry my hair, it takes nearly the whole day to dry and is limp, I have 2c/3a hair.  when I get out of the shower, I use an old t-shirt to "dry" my hair instead of a towel.  I've even tried using said t-shirt to dry my hair after styling products are applied, but my hair becomes frizzy and limp. Can anyone recommend something for me?  My pockets only go so deep, so I use the products I use because I can not afford the more expensive ones.  I also find that some of the expensive products don't do my hair justice.  I've used the Deva products and was not impressed, Paul Mitchell left me confused as to what it does, Shea Moisture is too heavy for my hair, Loreal is not impressive either.Top pictue is my hair now, bottom picture is before a big chop.

1 Answer

Hi there!You said you use the Suave Naturals Coconut shampoo. That shampoo contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, which can leave your hair feeling dry. Or did you mean the coconut conditioner? Please let me know :)