Why does my hair frizz at my roots? Is this from product build up, or I just need a good trim?

Been transitioning and wearing my hair natural for about a month , slowly trimming straight ends, doing protein treatments, and deep conditioning.Recovering from years of heat and color damage. 

1 Answer

My roots frizz as well. It's might be styling or breakage/dry roots. I'm not sure how you style, but scrunching can cause frizzy roots. If it's dryness or breakage, it might be because we tend to focus our products on the ends of our hair. If you do this, ensure that at least your leave in/conditioner is applied to the roots.On the flip side, your hair is gorgeous! I see minimal frizz at the roots, and that's if I look closely. You may very well be the only one focusing on that. Everyone else is distracted by the beautiful curls you have.