Why does this happen to my hair? Can I get more curl definition?

So I'm currently recovering from heat damage and I'm 3 weeks heat nfree and 2 weeks using he no poo method. I deep contain using coconut oil and then I use a co wash and that's about it. I scrunch my hair with a cotton shirt and let it air dry. 2 hours later it's dry and looks nice. But then a few hours later, it's a mess like this picture. Idk why. I only comb it when it's wet. Moving around makes my hair poofy. Also, another problem is that I have flat roots. It makes me look like a Christmas tree. And the bottom layer of my hair is wavy. Not curly at all. My hair type is 3a-3b ish. The mix between my bottom wavy layer and curly hair does not look good at all. What can I do? This really makes me want to go back to straightening but I'm still giving it time until school starts again. Idk if age has anything to do with his but I'm 13 :) 

2 Answers

I know what you mean about the hair being kinda frizzy and the curl not being defines as nicely as when it's wet. The trick is once you get out of the shower, and scrunch it with a cotton t shirt. Be sure to put some leave in conditioner or gel before you ring all the water out of your hair. Also, once you put product in, scrunch it once more with your cotton t shirt and then just leave it alone. Don't comb it or touch it. By doing this you will let the curl form. Don't touch your hair until it is completely dry :) hope that helps. It sure helped me 
Heat damage is irreversible, so you will have to trim it as it grows out. The virgin hair growing from the roots will be easier to define.