Does keratin permanently damage your hair

This is gonna be a long ass post but definently worth a read. 1 year ago I had keratin treatment done to my hair. My texture is a 3c so of course I had a double treatment to make my hair super silly straight. Fast forward to 8 months later the top layer of my hair in certain sections is frizzy. Now here comes my question. I figured the reason for the frizz is that that certain strand of hair somehow converted back to curly faster than other strands and since the were not all a uniform pattern is caused the hair to not be able to clump. Could this have possibly happened? Is this permanent? Will my hair go back to not frizzy when this is all over? Or is it that in those sections my hair grew out into a new texture? I examined some of the hair in those areas and I noticed that there texture felt quite different than all my other hair (it's really hard to explain) I also noticed that those area really don't absorb conditioner or any moisture. Could it be that the keratin is creating a sealing over the hair making it difficult for it to receive moisture? How do I remove this damn keratin cuz it is the worst!!! For anyone considering keratin DONT DO IT. Instead of using treatments and heat tools apply a styling cream and braid your hair for waves or find heartless straightening methods.TRUST ME LOVE YOUR CURLS BC I SURE DIDNT AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!

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