Why does a portion of my hair stick out?

hey everyone! I am somewhere in between a 3B-C, and for a long time I treated my hair terribly (flat ironing almost every day, tight ponytails etc.). However, I recovered and began wearing my hair natural for 3/4 weeks of the month. I keep it flat ironed for one week (but I only flat iron on low heat day, and leave it be for the rest of the days). When I wear it natural I began to notice that in the back, towards the center, there is a chunk of hair that does not cooperate, it sticks out. This chunk of hair does not lay on my neck, is about two inches shorter than the rest, and makes my hair look like it has a faulty butt implant (the way it just randomly sticks out). Can anyone possibly tell me what my problem is, and maybe give me tips on how to make the stick out look less noticeable. 

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