Does anyone use any one brand for all of their hair care products?

i just started using new products since finding this sight and I bought a mix of brands such as Shea moisture, as I am, and kinky curly and I think my hair is especially responding to the as is am curly jelly. So if this happens to others do u just decide to stick with that kind only?

2 Answers

Hi! A few months ago I finally bought Sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo, conditioner, and styling milk. I definitely noticed a difference after one use, especially since I've been using sulfates, silicones, and parabens basically my whole life! So much to learn, lol. For now I tend to stick with Sheamoisture, although I'd really love to try Devacurl products, but my budget just can't afford them right now. Sheamoisture is more affordable to my budget right now, lol! But then again I think it's good to try new products here and there. :-) I do recommend using a new product for a few weeks or so to see if if really works or not, although some products show a difference after one use! Curly hair is alot of work, but it's totally worth it once you find the right brands and products!:-) 
I use Devacurl products only except for Moroccan Oil. Devacurl isn't cheap, but I've found that everything except the conditioner goes a long way.  I use 1/3 of the shampoo I used to use. And the difference in my hair is amazing! Keep trying - the right products for you are out there!