Don't know if I should grow out my hair long. Am scared it won't look curly and defined but afrolike

I really want to know if my hair is 3c or 4a because I really want to grow it out long and curly but I still want the curls to be resembled and noticeable and I don't know if I should grow it outbor not because I'm scared it won't look good

3 Answers

Go ahead and grow it out. Keep it healthy and do whatever you want it's your hair. If you don't like it, you can immediately cut it off.
Dude,we have the same curl pattern, at first it will be afro like, but much more curly and then once it gets medium/short length it will naturally fall down.You can always use a non alchol gel or something and make it look super defined and you can manipulate it to do what you want, but what's wrong with afro's? 
My husband has these kinds of cute curls, he grew his out into really tight curls and uses eco styler (olive one). He would fix any curls that needed fixing but for the most part he had over 5 inches of length (we curiously straightened it). He cut his hair short now because it's just easier for him to just not have to maintain the long hair. There's always an awkward stage in growing hair because you have to change what you do. Don't be afraid if your hair decided to do what it wants, that's how curly hair just is!Give it a few months and make sure to moisturize well and seal with an oil if you worry about frizz.