Dry, itchy scalp, dry hair for months! Help!

I'm 3A, low density, high porosity (I think), fine hair,I've been doing the CG thing for about a year now, found some great products but they're not available where I'm living now (Australia) so I've been testing out a lot of different ones. I've always had a bit of trouble with a dry scalp and hair but in the last few months it's gotten waaaay worse and it's not the climate, I've lived in drier places and I've been using so many different products I can't imagine it could be caused by one of them, any tips??My kind of routine is to condition only a few times a week with Tresemme Naturals and co-wash once a week, then usually I put on a leave-in conditioner and some heavy gel because I frizz really easily. I rarely blow dry, usually just use a microfiber towel and then airdry.

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