Dry, poofy, frizzy, & untamable

Serious issue. I can't keep my hair moisturized to save my life. On top of that, my hair has tendencies to poof during the aftermath of taking down flat twists, braids; etc. how can I tame these issues without doing what I did the other day & getting a relaxer. (Last year was my first in 2.5yrs then the other day was the only one this year. I like to tame & loosen my curls, which I found by the relaxer last year that gave me "mixed girl curls".) HELP 

1 Answer

Are you using products with natural ingredients? Some of those "moisturizers" have ingredients that actually dry out your hair. I like natural oils....especially jojoba oil. Adds great moisture. And do everything you can to resist the relaxer!  It just kills your hair.