My ends curl but my roots are straight & its not from damage/build up. How do I curl my roots

I have a 3C twa and my roots are curling less than my ends. I want to make my roots curl again.

3 Answers

Wow, I am curious too. (following for better insight on this one). My questions are this A) what products do you have in it? B) Do you stretch it out when you are applying products? --If so, then maybe less tugging and use the rake and shake method or diffuse upside down for more root lift?But it could also be that your hair is just naturally changing! My sister when from 1 (straight as a pin) to 3b!--when she hit puberty! Then it loosened to a 2b/c after. Crazy weird. My hair has gotten a little curlier but nothing like hers. So it can happen. I'll be interested to see what anyone else might offer on this one.
Don't worry. If it's from any kind of heat damage your new hair will grow in and be curly. But it could be a moisturizing problem or make sure your putting the product near your roots if you want it curlier. You should go a month without any heat styling and then your hair will be curly in the roots again. Then if you still use any kind of heat while styling try to stay away from your roots. Good luck
it could also be that your hair grows straight from the roots, naturally and then curls with length.